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June 2021


Build the bridge and get Ireland's first Cycle Expressway FREE!


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March 2021

Waiting for Godot by the Dublin playwright Samuel Beckett, someone said, is a play where nothing happens....twice! 

Warrenpoint in economic development terms at least, is a place where nothing happens...all the time! ...


December 2020

The news that Joe Biden had convincingly won the US election was largely met with a great sense of relief throughout most of Europe and was especially welcomed in this part of the world....


October 2020

Since the the launch of the New Decade, New Approach document in January, heralding the much anticipated return to Stormont by the political parties, a positive story on the Narrow Water Bridge has been building...


September 2020

The Minister for Infrastructure, Nichola Mallon confirmed her commitment to delivering the Narrow Water Bridge when she met online last week with members of the Narrow Water Bridge Community Network. A proposed visit ...


July 2020

The recent announcement by Infrastructure Minister Nicola Mallon regarding the Narrow Water Bridge is very much to be welcomed. Her recent interview with the Newry Reporter displays a level of commitment to the Narrow Water Bridge yet unseen in any previous minister with her portfolio. ...


June 2020

This picture was taken on the 4 May in the middle of the Covid-19 Lockdown. ...The eerie stillness evoked in the picture is real. With over 95% of air traffic grounded there are no condensation trails in the skies above the lough.  The streets are almost devoid of cars and the only sound is birdsong! The skies have never been clearer since the 1930's! ...


February 2020

The long overdue and very welcome return of the Assembly has re-ignited hopes of the bridge being built at Narrow Water. The New Decade, New Approach Agreement under the heading "Turbocharging Projects"...


May 2018


For a couple of days at the end of April the border counties became the centre of the Brexit world. And not without good reason! Ireland will be the most directly effected by the UK's decision to leave the European Union. ...


March 2018

Geopark Status for the Mournes and Gullion?

NWBCN very much welcomes the UNESCO application currently being considered by Newry Mourne & Down District Council. The benefits of such a status, should it be granted, are enormous. ...

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 16.08.19.png

February 2018

Ominous cloud formation above the lough, a portent perhaps of the difficult days ahead as Brussels prepares this week to publish a legal text of the agreement reached by the British and Irish governments last December. ...


January 2018

... For decades the people of the area campaigned for a bridge crossing at Narrow Water. The inset picture is an artist's impression of the bridge which despite the approval of both governments in 2012 and the promise of substantial funding from the EU, scandalously failed to go ahead! ...

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