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Leo Varadkar announces funding

The Narrow Water Bridge Campaign, possibly the longest running community-led campaign of its type in Ireland, is finally drawing to a successful close following the announcement on 20th of this month by An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar...

NWBCN Newsletter

February 2024

Narrow Water Bridge Tender Process moves toward completion

Although inching forward slowly and appearing to take forever, the Narrow Water Bridge, until recently the stuff of myth in the local community, is clearly moving towards delivery...

NWBCN Newsletter

July 2023

Taoiseach assures Biden the bridge is going to happen

Not every day the US President drops in for coffee. During the recent visit to Ireland by Joe Biden to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, he did just that...

NWBCN Newsletter

May 2023
An T at Bodenstown.jpeg

Taoiseach promises delivery 

October 2022

The funding is there and the project is 'underway'! 

This is the first clear and unequivocal indication that the funding is now in place. Up to this point the only reference to funding has been the provision of three million euro to bring the project to tender stage...

NWBCN Newsletter

COP26 Glasgow_edited.jpg

COP26 Special

November 2021

COP26, postponed from last year because of Covid 19, has come and gone leaving many governments and activists around the world deeply disappointed and very worried indeed...

NWBCN Newsletter - Special


It's official - the bridge will be built!

November 2021

NWBCN Newsletter

The Stormont Minister for Infrastructure, Nichola Mallon and her counterpart on the Narrow Water Bridge, Darragh O’Brien, Minister for Housing in the Dáil, brought more than October sunshine on their visit to Narrow Water last month....


Taoiseach announces Narrow Water Bridge!

August 2021

NWBCN Newsletter

On the eve of Taoiseach Micheál Martin's announcement regarding the bridge, the NWBCN committee was holding a meeting. The mood was sombre...


Where Nothing Happens ... Twice!

March 2021

NWBCN Newsletter

Waiting for Godot by the Dublin playwright Samuel Beckett, someone said, is a play where nothing happens....twice! 

Warrenpoint in economic development terms at least, is a place where nothing happens...all the time! ...


PROPOSAL: Build the bridge and get Ireland's first Cycle Expressway FREE

June 2021

NWBCN Newsletter


Build the bridge and get Ireland's first Cycle Expressway FREE!



The waiting goes on

March 2021

NWBCN Newsletter

Waiting for Godot by the Dublin playwright Samuel Beckett, someone said, is a play where nothing happens....twice! 

Warrenpoint in economic development terms at least, is a place where nothing happens...all the time! ...


"We must build back better!" says the President-Elect.

December 2020

NWBCN Newsletter

The news that Joe Biden had convincingly won the US election was largely met with a great sense of relief throughout most of Europe and was especially welcomed in this part of the world....


October 2020

Micheál Martin announces ring-fenced funding for the Narrow Water Bridge

Since the the launch of the New Decade, New Approach document in January, heralding the much anticipated return to Stormont by the political parties, a positive story on the Narrow Water Bridge has been building...

NWBCN Newsletter


Taoiseach launches Shared Island Strategy

22 October, 2020

Micheál Martin announces ring-fenced funding for the Narrow Water Bridge and a number of other cross border projects for “full delivery without undue delay”.


NWBCN impressed by Minister Mallon's commitment

September 2020

The Minister for Infrastructure, Nichola Mallon confirmed her commitment to delivering the Narrow Water Bridge when she met online last week with members of the Narrow Water Bridge Community Network. A proposed visit ...

NWBCN Newsletter


Minister for Infrastructure meets NWBCN on site at Narrow Water

09 September, 2020

Department of Infrastructure

“I am committed to progressing the Narrow Water Bridge project. I recognise the strong local support for a bridge to link the communities on both sides of Carlingford Lough and to take full advantage of the tourism potential of this cross-border region, whilst protecting the natural environment in this area of historic and ecological significance." Nichola Mallon

Nichola Mallon.jpeg

Recent announcement by Infrastructure Minister very much to be welcomed

July 2020

NWBCN Newsletter

The recent announcement by Infrastructure Minister Nicola Mallon regarding the Narrow Water Bridge is very much to be welcomed. Her recent interview with the Newry Reporter displays a level of commitment to the Narrow Water Bridge yet unseen in any previous minister with her portfolio. ...


Covid-19 Special

June 2020

This picture was taken on the 4 May in the middle of the Covid-19 Lockdown. ...The eerie stillness evoked in the picture is real. With over 95% of air traffic grounded there are no condensation trails in the skies above the lough.  The streets are almost devoid of cars and the only sound is birdsong! The skies have never been clearer since the 1930's! ...

NWBCN Newsletter


Stormont is back!

February 2020

NWBCN Newsletter

The long overdue and very welcome return of the Assembly has re-ignited hopes of the bridge being built at Narrow Water. The New Decade, New Approach Agreement under the heading "Turbocharging Projects"...


Ireland's Ancient East

October 14, 2019

Irish Times

It is hard to image a more ancient and iconic site than Saul near Downpatrick believed to be the burial place of St Patrick. The NWBCN has long called for the extension of Ireland's Ancient East to include the eastern counties of Northern Ireland, a landscape as littered with remains of our ancient past both Christian and Pre-Christian as the counties further south. It is heartening to note that political support for this is gathering.


Brexit Special

May 2018

For a couple of days at the end of April the border counties became the centre of the Brexit world. And not without good reason! Ireland will be the most directly effected by the UK's decision to leave the European Union. ...

NWBCN Newsletter


Geopark Status for the Mournes and Gullion?

March 2018

NWBCN Newsletter

NWBCN very much welcomes the UNESCO application currently being considered by Newry Mourne & Down District Council. The benefits of such a status, should it be granted, are enormous. ...

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 16.08.19.png

Brussels border fallback position, Ireland's Ancient East, cycle tourism & uniting communities.

February 2018

Ominous cloud formation above the lough, a portent perhaps of the difficult days ahead as Brussels prepares this week to publish a legal text of the agreement reached by the British and Irish governments last December. ...

NWBCN Newsletter


Bridging the EU/UK border & missed NI tourist potential from the Republic

January 2018

NWBCN Newsletter

... For decades the people of the area campaigned for a bridge crossing at Narrow Water. The inset picture is an artist's impression of the bridge which despite the approval of both governments in 2012 and the promise of substantial funding from the EU, scandalously failed to go ahead! ...


Cycle Tourism a Growing Global Business

January 20, 2018

Irish Times

The Great Western Greenway, a pioneer initiative in long-distance cycle trail boasts of creating some 200 tourism-related jobs in County Mayo. This growth in active tourism such as cycling and walking is one of the underpinning arguments in support of the building of the Narrow Water Bridge.


Tourist opportunities missed

December 06, 2017

Belfast Telegraph

Northern  Ireland Tourist Board fails to fully exploit tourist potential of the Republic missing out on £140 million of visitor revenue.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 11.40.20.png

DFI details Southern Relief Road Options

November 20, 2017

Department for Infrastructure

Public consultation held on 14-15 November to help decide a "Preferred Option" for the project, based on three shortlisted routes for the proposed scheme.


Planning Resolved at Narrow Water

October 24, 2017

Newry Reporter

Axe on plans for North South bridge narrowly avoided as Louth County Council take 11th hour action.

S Bradley SDLP.jpg

Sinead Bradley MLA continues to fight for the bridge

October 23, 2017


"The proposal to have a bridge at Narrow Water has widely been accepted as a project that will achieve economic gains while uniting communities..."


Varadkar pledges funding for the bridge

August 04, 2017

Irish News

Varadkar said his capital plan would benefit people on both sides of the border.


Fears over planning at Narrow Water

July 08, 2017

Irish Times

Planning permission for the proposed Narrow Water cross-border bridge runs out in October, warns economic development organisation.

DUP Tory Deal.jpg

NWBCN welcome additional cash for NI

June 25, 2017

NWBCN Press Release

Mr Jim Boylan, Chairman of the Narrow Water Bridge Community Network, has welcomed the recent offer of financial support for Northern Ireland from the Theresa May government to the DUP despite the storm of controversy that it has provoked. Mr Boylan, the Network’s chairman has especially welcomed the £400 million that has been earmarked for infrastructure within the package totalling a billion pounds.


Louth County Council sees Narrow Water Bridge as Priority Objective

March 20, 2017

At the March meeting of Louth County Council the Chief Executive Council Joan Martin reaffirmed that the Narrow Water Bridge Project continues to be a priority objective of the Louth County Development Plan. Ms Martin indicated that she will pursue any possible opportunity for the funding of the project.


Minister highlights continued committment to Narrow Water Bridge

January 25, 2017

Infrastructure Minister Chris hazzard and Shane Ross, Minister for Transport Tourism and Sport in the South have set out their continued commitment to the Narrow Water Bridge.

Department for Infrastructure


Oireachtas Report highlighting support for bridge welcomed

January 29, 2016

Mr Jim Boylan, Chairman of the Narrow Water Bridge Community Network, commenting on the recent publication of the Joint Committee on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation of the Houses of the Oireachtas in Dublin said he was delighted that the Joint Committee has firmly endorsed the need for the bridge at Narrow Water.

NWBCN Press Release


Disappointment at EU Referendum result

NWBCN Press Release

June 26, 2016

“Leaving the EU will have serious economic consequences for Northern Ireland and the border region in particular will be negatively affected,” said Mr Jim Boylan. "Northern Ireland has benefitted enormously from UK membership of the EU and it is totally ironic that, despite a convincing vote to remain in the EU, the region will now be denied this essential economic support. ”


NWBCN welcomes Finance Minister

June 18, 2016

NWBCN Press Release

The Chairman of NWBCN, Mr Jim Boylan, in his welcoming remarks to Mr Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, Stormont’s new Finance Minister on his recent visit to Warrenpoint, said that interest and demand for the bridge was now beginning to surge in the community following recent election pledges. Mr Boylan also emphasised the cross-community, cross-border and non-party-political nature of the campaign to deliver the Narrow Water Bridge for all the people of the Carlingford Lough Area.

Sinn Fein Support.png

SF President joins party colleagues and NWBCN Committee at Narrow Water

June 16, 2016

Local TD Gerry Adams joins party colleagues and Narrow Water Bridge Community Network group with the new Stormont Finance Minister Máirtín Ó Muilleoir on the site of the proposed Narrow Water Bridge.

SDLP support.jpg

New SDLP leader visits site

April 05, 2016

Colm Eastwood, newly elected leader of the SDLP, on a recent visit to Warrenpoint praised local stakeholder group and local SDLP representatives Margaret Ritchie MP and Sinead Bradley MLA assuring them of his continued support for the bridge. 


The future is tourism NWBCN tells Warrenpoint Chamber of Commerce

March 09, 2016

NWBCN Press Release

The future is definitely tourism and the Narrow Water Bridge represents tremendous opportunities for communities around Carlingford Lough according to Mark Kelly, President of the Warrenpoint, Burren and Rostrevor Chamber of Commerce. Mr Kelly was reacting to a presentation given by Adrian O’Hare, Secretary of the Narrow Water Bridge Community Network, to a recent gathering of Chamber members at Warrenpoint Town Hall.  


NWBCN gears up in response to Fresh Start Agreement

February 08, 2016

NWBCN Press Release

The NWBCN steps up its campaign in advance of the review of the project to be undertaken as part of the Fresh Start Agreement. The Network has been very encouraged by the increasing level of support among the people of the Carlingford Lough Area as evidenced by an exceptionally well-attended fundraising event held on Thursday last at the Whistledown Hotel in Warrenpoint.

MI Martin McGuinness First Deputy purple Photocall.jpg

Deputy First Minister's continued support acknowledged

February 29, 2016

NWBCN Press Release

The Network welcomes the declaration of support from the Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness, at the Newry Chamber of Commerce Business Lunch held on Friday last.

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